History written with passion
since 1923

The origins of our brand date back to 1923. Although a lot has changed with us since then, the craftsmanship, designs, and heart that we put into each project are timeless. We invite you on a magical journey through the history of our brand, the icon of Polish utility glass and its global showcase.


The beginning of something amazing. On the property purchased from Countess Kaczkowska, the construction of the first glassworks in Krosno begins, which then became a trademark of the entire region. One year later, the factory releases the first products.


First successes. The glassworks receives a gold medal for its overall activity from the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Poland, Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski.

1939 – 1945

The glassworks is affected by the World War II that is raging in full swing. Work is halted for a while, and then the plant resumes production under German rule. In 1944, units of the Nazi army withdraw from Krosno, take away the assortment and destroy the factory. 1945 brings the reopening of the glassworks: modernisation improvements, the first automatic machines, increased production, as well as recognition among foreign customers from England, Brazil, and Canada.


We are not slowing down. The government establishes the state-owned enterprise “Krośnieńskie Huty Szkła” (Krosno Glassworks). The plant is developing, which includes the creation of a paint shop, an in-house glassworking school, newly built facilities, and more glassworks join the glassworking conglomerate.

1970 – 1980

Royal glassware. Krosno produces more and more, and its products are present in almost every Polish home, but not only! The glassworks does not give up manual production, which is appreciated abroad and even introduced onto royal tables. Some of the orders are to the British Queen Elizabeth II, the Empress of Japan, or the King of Spain.

1990 – 2001

Changes are coming. There is a breakthrough in the market economy, and the company is privatised as Krośnieńskie Huty Szkła “KROSNO” S.A. and debuts on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as one of the first 5 companies. Then, in 2001, the Krosno Group is established, which includes Krośnieńskie Huty Szkła “KROSNO” S.A. together with the nearby Jasło and Tarnów glassworks.


Let’s celebrate! The Krosno glassworks celebrates its 80th anniversary and receives the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland for its special contribution to building the prestige of the Polish economy in the European Union.

2009 – 2016

Uncertain times ahead. The company is put into liquidation bankruptcy.
Despite this difficult situation, the plant is still operating, selling products in Poland and abroad, and maintaining business relations with key customers. In 2016, everything gets back on track; the Coast2Coast Capital Global Investment Fund takes over an organised part of the enterprise, which ends the liquidation process. The new chapter also involves a new name: KROSNO GLASS, as well as a development strategy for the coming years.


The world première of the new version of the KROSNO brand! The new visual communication and the modified architecture of the offer, divided into the Premium and Casual lines, earned international appreciation. The rebranding of the flagship Polish glassware brand manifested itself e.g. in the form of a new minimalist logo inspired by timeless trends. The slogan “Brilliance in glass since 1923” refers to the brand’s long history and tradition.


We win the SUPERBRANDS 2019 title. We found ourselves among the honourable group of the strongest brands in the world. This unique distinction is a proof of consumer and expert trust, as well as recognition of the brand’s image strength. Noble Fund Mezzanine FIZAN becomes the owner of Krosno Glass and begins the restructuring.


A technological step into the future. For years, we have been making every effort to further improve the quality of our products, including glasses produced by a mechanical method. Therefore, we initiated the project “Development of a low-waste technology for the manufacture of glass products with increased strength”. The project includes the creation of a pilot line, and the designed new technology will provide a number of benefits, such as improving the quality of products, increasing the level of chemical resistance to water thanks to the development of a new glass composition, increasing the strength parameters of the product, reducing waste, etc.


Our 100th anniversary! The glassworks has been successfully selling under its own brand both in Poland and abroad for almost a century. Such a special moment requires an equally special setting. Therefore, on the occasion of the brand’s jubilee, we have created a unique Celebration collection. The inspiration for the Celebration collection was the style of the 1920s – the decade when the glassworks began its operation.