Manual production

A nod to tradition:
hand-formed glass

Hand-formed pieces are our flagship products that reflect the passion for tradition, glassworkers’ craftsmanship and artistry, and timeless designs. It is our international trademark, which has allowed us to win the hearts of customers around the world.

Making moments shine

Glassware by Krosno allows you enjoy every moment to the fullest.Our hand-formed glass products carry the promise of magic enclosed in every little detail, which is meticulously cared for by our irreplaceable craftsmen.

It all starts with people

The secret of our manual production are our glassworkers. It is their experience, commitment, meticulousness and talent that allow us to deliver hundreds of amazing products to homes around the world every day. We would not be here without them. A human with a blowpipe is a view that has been present in glass production from the very beginning of its existence – it is the basis of creation and the heart of our glassworks. Over time, this profession has become a rarity, and hand-formed products have become a true rara avis.

Unique value

Despite the fact that new improvements to mass production appear once in a while, manual production remains close to the tradition, that is the determinant of quality. Each master of glass art has their own way of creating original pieces. This secret recipe has its origin in liquid glass, an inseparable element of the creation of every hand-formed glass maker. In addition to the highest quality and transparency of glass, its uniqueness is also of key importance: each product in a given series has a set of its own features that fit into its unique identity.

Extraordinary history

100 years of tradition and millions of satisfied customers around the world are proof of our craftsmanship. Our glassworks is an icon of the Polish glass industry and undoubtedly stands out with its international achievements, as our products are present on almost 70 global markets. We work hard every day for this spectacular success, creating unique products in cooperation with a large group of artists, world-renowned designers, and a glassworking school that has been operating for over 40 years.

Unparalleled quality

Handmade glassware has features unattainable with other production methods. Thanks to this specificity, we are able to form extremely complex shapes, which provides great opportunities for artistic expression. Transparency and gloss achieved in the case of handmade products reaches the highest values regardless of the type of products created. In addition, hand-formed glass pieces can be exceptionally delicate and sophisticated; thanks to ultra-thin walls and almost invisible joints in the material, our thin-walled glasses are appreciated by the most demanding experts all over the world.

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Mechanical production

Focused on development

Krosno Glass conducts intensive investments in the area of mechanical production. The aim of these activities is to increase the quality and efficiency of glass moulding machines. including glasses and goblets.

The moulding method used in all production lines is the Blow-Blow method. . It allows for the production of elegant glassware items dedicated to the traditional market and the HoReCa industry. The use of Crystalline glass increases resistance to mechanical and chemical damage.

The Blow-Blow technology consists of the following production steps:

  • supplying the machine with glass
  • glass drop pressing before moulding
  • blowing the product (i.e. the product taking the shape of the mould)
  • collecting finished products from the machine

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