There are many types of appliqués put on glass, and each of them requires outstanding precision, experience and craftsmanship. Seeing the visual effects and the satisfaction of our customers, we absolutely believe that it is worth investing in it.

  • a wide range of effects available, from unique tinting, to original decoration, to various convexities
  • great attention to detail
  • appliqués can be colourless or coloured
  • great craftsmanship, precision and aesthetics


Decorating with glass grit on hand-made vessels is one of the decoration techniques that allows us to obtain original and unique products. There are no two identical pieces, each is unique.

  • an ideal choice when creating a series of products for a special occasion
  • manual production based on traditional glass bubble blowing
  • wide range of possibilities: decorative grits can be crushed into multi-coloured or single-coloured powder

Color onto bubble

One of the most beautiful and timeless ombré effects, which can be obtained by means of a gradual and delicate penetration of colours.

  • timeless minimalist effect
  • great craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • combination of colourless and coloured molten mass
  • stunning effect of unique colouring