Anna Grabowska-Szczur

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. In 1987, she defended her diploma at the Graphics Faculty in typography design, poster design, selected art issues, and history of art.

She became fascinated by the magical world of glass from the very first sight, as soon as she found herself at the Krosno glassworks over 30 years ago.

Since then, she has been creating glass masterpieces that fill interiors with glow.

In her works, we can see a number of inspirations, from the dramatic style of Caravaggio’s paintings to the vibrant colours of the Impressionists. Her collections are characterised by aesthetic consistency and a combination of functionality and artistic values.

The unique character of her projects are created by elements such as a painterly combination of several colours of glass, appliqués resembling an abstract drawing, or forms referring to the world of sculpture. No wonder that many of them can be seen in international magazines or showcases of prestigious exhibitions.

Selected designs by the artist have been protected by the Polish Patent Office as innovative decorative designs.

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