Hand polished grinding

An intricate and effective technique that allows us to obtain exquisite, unique decorations on glassware.

  • crystal-like glass structure
  • brightly coloured products
  • use of a special grinding machine and hand discs with diamond grit
  • the process involves accurate and precise carving of the vessel
  • possibility of creating multi-dimensional, durable decorations over the entire surface or a selected fragment

Hand matte grinding

Hand grinding is an incredibly demanding technique that requires talent, patience and great manual skills. Vessels made using this technique are some of the most beautiful and desirable glassware items, due to their uniqueness as well as the amount of effort that goes into their creation.

  • effect of slightly smoked or frosted glass
  • perfect for autumn and winter collections
  • tools used: grinding machine, diamond grit and stone hand discs

Machine matte grinding

Grinding is one of the historical methods of making the glass look a certain way. Decorating by carving makes the produced items resemble small works of art.

  • long-lasting effect rich in very deep and multidimensional grooves
  • use of a machine guarantees repeatability for larger series
  • impressive artistic effect
  • up to eight products at a time are grooved in the selected spot by automatic discs and cutters with diamond grit
  • the items resemble carved crystals

Machine surface grinding

Surface grinding is a technique commonly used in glass working. It has been popular among customers around the world for years.

  • possibility of decorating the glass with very delicate and gently concave designs
  • decorating products with inscriptions, images, logotypes
  • easy-to-obtain repeatable effect
  • diamond-coated cutters accurately reproduce even complex drawings