Products with the crackle effect feature patterns resembling tiny cracks and “spider webs”. It is impossible to pass by these items indifferently.

  • handmade
  • each piece is original and unique
  • durable and solid product
  • decorations in the form of characteristic micro-cracks

Sparkling point

The sparkling point is an extraordinary technique that is perfect for champagne glasses. Lovers of this drink often reach for glasses made using this original method.

  • intentional violation of the glass structure with the size of a small dot at the bottom
  • technique used exclusively with champagne glasses
  • champagne bubbles do not disperse, but slowly evaporate in the form of a delicate streak
  • guaranteed prolongation of the wine sparkling process


Metallisation is an effective way to give a product a modern character that will delight customers who value elegance and style.

  • the vessels are covered with molten metal in shades of gold, silver or copper
  • impressive selection of effects, e.g. shimmering, metallic, or mirror
  • possibility of combining metallised and matte elements, which will emphasise each other’s character


Satination is a method that causes the glass to become completely matte. It is appreciated by customers who look for original additions to their interiors.

  • non-transparent glass products
  • the surface of the item becomes slightly porous
  • possibility of decorating the entire product, a fragment or a selected element of the product

Foamed glass

This technology results in a charming, delicate pattern resembling dew drops. This is one of the methods that do not require machinery, but a chemical reaction.

  • method based on the action of sodium bicarbonate, i.e. baking soda
  • the products are completely safe for food contact
  • bubbles formed with this technique resemble a glass microcosmos
  • handmade products are original and unique