Spray painting

Spray painting allows us to obtain effective tinting on the glass, resistant to external factors. Unlike with other forms of decoration that use paints, spray painting makes it possible to repeat selected decorations on all vessels making up the collection.

  • possibility of designing a collection of glassware with original colour schemes, e.g. to match the company colours or to fit in the current trends in a given industry
  • using a jet of paint atomised with compressed air in a special gun for hand or automatic painting
  • colour coverage of the entire product or a selected fragment
  • trendy ombré shading
  • wide choice in terms of colour palette
  • matte or glossy finish

Hand painting

Known and practised for thousands of years, traditional hand painting is still popular among customers who value quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics.

  • talented artists decorate glassware items according to a project prepared at the customer’s request
  • possibility of reproducing a previously prepared proposal
  • availability of metallic, iridescent or lustre paints
  • flexibility; hand painting can also be combined with other techniques (such as grinding)
  • original and stunning vessels are perfect as prizes, gadgets, or series of unique collections